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The Best Free Website Builders of 2017

Most of the people online are into creating a platform that will showcase their likes, interest, and hobbies. Through the Internet, they explore blogging or social media, for example. For businesses and official groups and organizations, they take advantage of websites as a digital avenue for them to highlight their products, services, their brand or company.

Creating a website is made easy now. In case you do not know how to code and build a website, there are free website builders available on the web.


“Create Your Own Beautiful Website.” Wix is a popular free website builder that is very easy to use. It has advanced drag-and-drop site editor and thousands of website templates to choose from.


According to WordPress, they power “28% of the internet.” WordPress is ideal for online blogs and shops, static sites and portfolios. WordPress also has another version that has beautiful designs and more powerful features.

c2 - The Best Free Website Builders of 2017


CoffeeCUp is a free HTML editor that does not use a content management system (CMS). It has a responsive layout maker that allows editors to split screen and preview website output easily.


Joomla is very popular in the CMS world. It has a web app and software that allow you to build and host sites. Joomla also features thousands of free extensions and templates that are customizable.


SITE123 makes website building as easy as 1-2-3. You begin by selecting a general format – simple or complex. Then you can basically fill in some basic information and start customizing.

Website Builder

Website Builder features more than 10,000 templates, analytic tools, and social media integration features, among others. This website builder is perfect for both amateurs and professionals.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a state-of-the-art website builder, but easy to use as it comes with built-in tools and hosting options. More than 11 million websites are built using IM creator.

c1 - The Best Free Website Builders of 2017


SiteBuilder is another easy-to-use website builder perfect for individuals and entrepreneurs. This platform offers free web hosting and domain registration. It also allows you to make blogs, portfolio, online stores and more.


Sitey is an HTML5 website builder that features interactive and responsive editing tools for customizing and templates and designs. According to their site, it is the most favorite website builder in the Philippines.


Weebly also covers web hosting and domain registration, as well as web design and marketing functions. It is also very versatile as it is compatible with every device and platform. It is perfect for businesses.


Jimdo has creative and professional templates that can be customized. It is already integrated with e-commerce and marketing tools, best for commercial businesses. It has launched more than 20 million websites.


Ucraft features a block-based framework. It also has artistic customizable templates. This platform is perfect in building blogs, online stores, portfolios, and forms. It also covers web hosting and domain services.


WebNode is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It has a house editor that makes your website compatible with smartphone devices. More than 27 million customers worldwide are using WebNode.


Which among these free website builders do you use?

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