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The 8 Phases of Website Design and Development

The beginning of the Internet was also the birth of websites. Websites remain a very popular tool in publishing various multimedia content. Websites are used in various applications – arts, music, entertainment, businesses and so much more. The moment you opened the browser, that’s a website.

Websites come a very long way. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (www) in 1989, it had paved way to the first ever website – CERN, a website for the European Organization for Nuclear Research published in 1990.

Now, according to Internet Live States, there are almost 1 trillion of websites on the web. That’s huge! Of course, creating websites is not easy.

Let us take a look at the phases of web design and development:

Identify your goals

The initial stage is for you to identify and set your goals in creating the website. You should know the purpose of creating the site and who will be your target audience. Visualize what kind of content you are going to publish and what your target audience will expect on your website.

w1 - The 8 Phases of Website Design and Development

Plan the design and structure

In planning the website, you need to create a sitemap and wireframe. This includes the order and the structure of your website, and the details about the information architecture. This will guide you in the flow of designing and developing your website. You can just write the structure on a piece of paper or use available software.

Design the website

After careful planning, you can start designing and developing your website. Make sure your design fits your target audience. You can first create prototypes of design, usually in .jpeg form through graphics software.

Create Content

Of course, you need to create content for your website. Basically, it should have text from articles, blog posts, and lists. It should also have graphics and multimedia content – audio and video. Remember that your content should be interesting to attract customers.

w2 - The 8 Phases of Website Design and Development

Build the website

Now, let’s start making your website plan into a reality. There is a wide variety of web development tools to choose from  – HTML, SCC, CGI, JavaScript, PHP and so much more. Essential elements like content management systems and interactive forms are implemented during this phase.

Test the website

Conduct a series of website testing to ensure that all links are working, webpages load properly and the website is error-free. Take a look at every detail on the site. Also, check its compatibility in various devices. Website testing tools include W3C Link Checker and SEO Spider.

Launch the website

You’re almost done! Launch the website. Do not expect that everything will be perfect. Just check how your website looks like for online users.

Maintain the website

Lastly, you have to make sure that you always update your website. Your website should always deliver fresh content. It’s time for you to do link checking, content maintenance and series of redesigns. Web designing is a fluid, continuous process of constant maintenance until you achieve perfection.


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