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9 Amazing Techniques To Create Engaging Web Pages

In creating and maintaining a website, among the most important elements are the design and layout. It should look amazing to attract new customers and keep the avid visitors. Apart from the aesthetics, customers should also have the best user experience with the website. Thus, we should create engaging web pages that our customers will surely love and will give them a reason to come back.

Here are 9 amazing techniques in creating engaging web pages:

Engaging Typefaces

Typefaces are important because they intensify the attractiveness of your web pages. Typefaces can convey feelings and meanings to readers. They also set your website apart from others. So, it is crucial for you to choose the best and the unique font types.

According to Web Designer Depot, there are various engaging display types. Firstly, your web pages can use simple but dramatic typefaces which “communicate confidence and clarity.” Decorative typefaces are also attractive. They leverage your web pages’ creativity and artistry. Lastly, you may use letter or hand-drawn type. It is great “to humanize a brand.” It also gives a sense of freedom and distinct creativity.

Card Layouts

Card Layout is popularized by Pinterest and Instagram. This technique is best for web pages that have lots of data, especially photos and videos. It creates a sense of professional organization and creativity at the same time.

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Live Product Previews

Live product previews first started in 2016 and have grown popularity this 2018. It is a great technique of giving your potential users a taste of how the product operates.

Collaboration Tools

Are you surprised when suddenly a chat box pops? Yes! That’s another technique that makes your site and web pages engaging. Instant messaging features allow companies to speak with their users faster and easier.

White Space

The more white space your web page has, the cleaner it looks. The white space creates a sense of comfortability, elegance, and freshness. It reduces clutter, increases legibility, and highlights other elements in the web pages.

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Larger Pictures

Some web pages, especially the minimalist ones, utilize larger photos to say it all. Larger photos are creative aesthetics in your website. It steals attention. Just take note to balance all the other elements along with the big picture.

Single Page Scrolling

Everyone can relate to this. Most of the people hate web pages that require you to click the “next” to see the continuation of the content. A better web page design involves single page scrolling. It saves time from having to load new pages. Plus, it maintains users’ interest.

Interactive Video

Videos are always attractive. Since 2015, websites have started putting high-definition videos on their header, sidebars and anywhere in their web pages. It catches attention and provides a better understanding of your content.

Responsive Layout

Lastly, it is very important that your web pages are responsive. One of the reasons why visitors leave your site because of web pages that load very slowly and are unresponsive. Moreover, make sure your website is compatible with various devices.

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