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15 Basic Kinds of Fonts For Your Web Design

The typeface is a crucial element in designing a website. Fonts help establish a message for consumers. It also provides an identity to the website that sets it apart from the others.

To help you choose the best typography for your website, we bring you the 15 basic kinds of fonts perfect for your web design:


Serif fonts originated in the Latin alphabet. It is usually used in documents. The popular serif fonts are Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria and Century Gothic, among others.

font - 15 Basic Kinds of Fonts For Your Web Design

Sans Serif

Sans Serif means “without line”. These fonts are used for print and web content. Most common sans serifs are Avant Garde, Helvetica, and Geneva.

Slab Serif

Slab Serif came from Britain 200 years ago. It carries geometric and bold features. It widely used in advertising content.  Popular slabs include Adelle, Sentinel, Clarendon, and Amasis.


Scripts follow a calligraphic style which exudes elegance and sophistication. They are created in fluid, cursive strokes. They are used in formal invitations for weddings and concerts, among others.


Display is a headline type of font which is perfect for posters, billboards, packaging, book jackets and advertisement copies. Famous display fonts include Algerian, Allegro, and Bauhaus.


Decorative font is a major classification that consists of diverse styles. This includes grunge, psychedelic, graffiti and 3-dimensional fonts, among others.


Lettering or hand-drawn fonts are fonts written on paper, scanned and enhanced via graphics editors. It uses various styles depending on the artist. Most common hand-drawn fonts are Carosello and Arabella.


From the word itself, it follows an old-fashioned look. Retro fonts are used in logos, posters, and packaging that adopt a classic and vintage style.


Dingbat is a specialized font that utilizes shapes and symbols to represent a letter of the alphabet. Dingbat may be buttons, pictograms, interface elements, illustrations and more.


A monospaced font is an organized type of font that follows a certain length, width, and dimension. They are referred to as fixed fonts just like the fonts used by a typewriter.


Novelty fonts do not fall in the categories of serif, sans serif, script and cursive. They are fun, aesthetic fonts used to grab attention in headlines and advertisement copies. Novelty fonts have no rules in its design and creation.


Comic fonts are reader-friendly fonts used in cartoons and comics. The objective of this font is easy readability and a generic theme that fits all. Comic Sans is the legendary comic font.


Stencil was invented by R. Hunter Middleton in 1937. It is composed of uppercase letters that have round edges and thick strokes. They are used in newspaper headlines, as well as public signage, graffiti, and posters.


Gothic font is an ancient font that has black texture, distinct caps, and dramatic strokes. It was first used in Gutenberg Bible. The most classic gothic font is Old English.


Typewriter fonts basically adopt the style of the typewriter. It exudes a vintage and retro feels. This is often used in poetry and literature.

These were just few of the many font types and styles. What is your favorite so far?

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