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12 Crucial Elements of A Good Website Design

Having your own website is fulfilling. It is the digital representation of you as an individual or your business. A personal website showcases a person’s likes, interests, skills, and portfolio, for example. Whereas business websites highlight a brand’s products or services. Of course, your website should sell to the online world. The design should look appealing and attractive.

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Here are the 12 crucial elements that should be present on your website:

About Page

The about page is very important as it tells about the background of the person or the company. For companies, it reflects how long you have been established for doing the business which is very important for consumers.

Contact Information

Apparently, this contains all necessary information that will allow consumers to connect with you. Make sure you include the home or office phone number, email address, and social media accounts.

Call to Action

This page contains the gateway for a consumer to make an action. This includes subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, providing contact information or availing a service, among others.

Search Bar

Search bar makes it easier for consumers to look for the exact information. It can be used to find older information. Usually, search bar comes with the standard magnifying glass symbol.

Shortcut Footer

The footer contains shortcuts to various pages. It includes your about us, vision and mission, contact information, location, resources, community, your niche and the year your website was launched.


A button is an attractive element that brings consumers to other pages. When you design your website, make sure that the buttons are recognizable. It should have a unique shape, design effects, and appropriate location.


Typography is considered as one of the most important elements. The typography is also the website’s identity that sets them apart from others. It is crucial for you to choose the best font type and size.

Fresh Content

Every website is nothing without content. The content is what your customers want from your website. As part of your website maintenance, you should always update it with fresh content, integrated with SEO-keywords.

d1 - 12 Crucial Elements of A Good Website Design

Great Multimedia

Multimedia adds life to your website. They also provide your customers better understanding of your content. Choose the most appropriate and the most appealing images, videos, and infographics.


Credibility is an abstract element in your website. You have to make sure that consumers can trust your site. Include in your content verified links. Always write in good grammar. Your contact information should be complete. For businesses, all your certifications should be present.

User-friendly Navigation

Navigation or Nav bars are buttons that are usually placed along the top of your website. It brings your customers to certain pages. Make it easy for visitors to navigate your website by providing directional arrows.

d3 - 12 Crucial Elements of A Good Website Design

Mobile Compatibility

Now, we live in the world of smartphones. When we build our website, it is crucial that we take into consideration if the website will look the same on smartphones and other devices.


Are these elements found on your website?


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