Blog3 - 10 Tips On Choosing Web Design Templates Design 

10 Tips On Choosing Web Design Templates

Are you excited to create your own website? Well, there are plenty of website builders on the internet that are free and are easy to use. They also come with unique templates and framework that match your taste. The design of your website is a crucial element that attracts customers. Here are 10 tips to consider in choosing web design templates: Website Field Match The template should match your field or industry. Website builders appropriate templates for specific fields like food and restaurant, photography, travel, lifestyle, fitness and more. If…

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Blog2 - The Best Free Website Builders of 2017 Website 

The Best Free Website Builders of 2017

Most of the people online are into creating a platform that will showcase their likes, interest, and hobbies. Through the Internet, they explore blogging or social media, for example. For businesses and official groups and organizations, they take advantage of websites as a digital avenue for them to highlight their products, services, their brand or company. Creating a website is made easy now. In case you do not know how to code and build a website, there are free website builders available on the web. Wix “Create Your Own Beautiful…

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Blog1 - The 8 Phases of Website Design and Development Website 

The 8 Phases of Website Design and Development

The beginning of the Internet was also the birth of websites. Websites remain a very popular tool in publishing various multimedia content. Websites are used in various applications – arts, music, entertainment, businesses and so much more. The moment you opened the browser, that’s a website. Websites come a very long way. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (www) in 1989, it had paved way to the first ever website – CERN, a website for the European Organization for Nuclear Research published in 1990. Now, according to…

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